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storage tanks india

Type of Storage Tank

As being topmost manufacturer, supplier and exporter of different kinds of storage tanks, we have our successful installations across India as well as in foreign countries. We offer highly reliable range of storage tanks extensively used as material handling solutions for hostile chemicals.

Acid Storage Tank

To cop ups with all differential factors to storage and transport the acid and aggressive materials we have perfectly designed acid storage tanks. It is designed by imported software. It is specially made with curved corner technology that ensures highly reliable and secure operation. It is accessible with 100 % leakage free and seepage free features. Our acid storage tanks are provided with dispersing vats and volumetric measuring devices.

acid storage tank supplier

In order to make safe and sound shipping of acid, it is provided with essential fittings and other inlet, outlet connections of high quality.

Liquid Storage Tank

We offer many kinds of storage tanks for aggressive materials, varied in sizes, shapes and configurations according to nature of liquids. We manufacture and export all kinds of liquid storage tanks used in so many industrial applications. We offer 100 % leak proof liquid storage tanks. Our storage tanks are designed with latest software that ensures reliability of operations. In order to offer highly reliable and cost-effective liquid storage tanks we make use of high quality material.

liquid storage tank india

Our storage tanks are used for wide range of hostile fluids, water and waste water. It is available with high tensile strength and optimum fatigue resistance. It also offer progressive features like minimal maintenance, easy installation, easy to operate, easy to clean and longer service life. It also offers longer working life of the contented material. Necessary connections are made from high quality material for safe and sound handling of the liquids.

Plastic Storage Tank

Plastic is so precious gift of last millennium if used brilliantly. Different grades of plastics offer reliable and secure output. We have designed and developed plastic storage tanks to cater varied industrial and domestic applications. It is available with spillage proof feature and it firmly eliminates any escape of fluid from the containers. It can be used for water, waste water, and hazardous chemicals and also for different kinds of fluids.

plastic storage tank manufacturer

It is accessible with great features like longer service life and low maintenance.It is designed with advanced software and manufactured from optimum grade material. It contains high fatigue resistance and high tensile strength. It is also suitable to bio hazardous environment. Our anti corrosive plastic storage tanks are available with great range of size, shape and configuration.

Chemical Storage Tank

When its matter of chemicals, it is always seek reliability of secure usage. Chemicals, used for different industrial activities, should be store, move and operate with safe and sound manner. In order to do so, we have designed and developed consistent and qualitative range of chemical storage tanks with varied sizes, shapes and configurations.Our chemical storage tanks can be used for chemicals like acids, alcohols, esters, mineral oils and alkalis.

chemical storage tank india

We also offer chemical storage tanks with unconventional shapes. For secure handling of aggressive fluids it is provided with essential polypropylene accessories and fittings. It is available with extensive fatigue resistance and high tensile strength. It possesses curved corner design that ensures 100 % leakage proof operations. It is used for storage and transfer of chemicals.

Square Storage Tank

We are considered as the leading manufacturer and exporter of high quality storage tanks that are used to store, transfer and handle the hostile material. It is brilliantly designed holding vessel for hazardous substance. It is equipped with piping system and other ancillary equipments for the safe and sound handling of material. Square storage tanks are designed and developed with imported German software.

sqaure stoarge tank

We offer these tanks with varied sizes and configurations. It is available with high tensile strength and good fatigue resistance. All ancillaries are made from polypropylene or other fine grade material as per requirement. Our square storage tanks are available with curved corner. It is made with butt fusion technology that facilitate with 100 % leakage proof material handling. It is available with negligible maintenance and robust construction.

Acid Measuring Tank

Designed and developed with latest technological administration our acid storage tanks are available with reliable and cost-effective ranges. We are noticeable manufacturer and exporter of various kinds of material handling and storage tanks. Our acid measuring tanks are designed with imported German software that ensures high perfection in fabrication.

acid measuring tank india

It also contains curved that prevent total spillage of the acid.Our acid measuring tanks are provided with accurate venting system to let out acid fumes.It contains manhole and other obligatory attachments of high grade that are with stand with acid employment. Like our other anti corrosive tanks, it contains high tensile strength. It offers hardness R 95 and extensive fatigue resistance. It is available with different bulk storage capacity. It is provide with marking for measurements. It finds its application area in diverse industrial sectors.

Industrial Water Storage Tank

Rich experience of fabrication of various kinds of industrial storage tanks, we offer industrial water storage tanks. As we offer anti corrosive tanks, our water storage tanks for different industrial applications are preferred for their best features. In several industries, water is used for varied purposes. It can be withstand with corrosive atmosphere.

industrial water storage tank india

It is fabricated with totally computerized fabrication system and designed with imported software. It is provided with necessary fittings that are made from finest quality material. It is provided with piping and hoses of polypropylene or other material as per requirement. It contains good quality valves and flanges. High tensile strength and high hardness ensures longer service life. It also contains better fatigue resistance.  

Polypropylene Storage Tank

As being one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of international standard storage tanks, we offer polypropylene storage tanks with industry leading prices. As the name suggest, it is made from high quality polypropylene material.It is also equipped with high quality ancillaries for safe handling of corrosive materials.

polypropylene storage tank supplier

It is provided with essential fittings that are made from premium quality material. Our polypropylene tanks are used in many industrial sectors.It is used to storage and handling of corrosive fluids and withstand with corrosive atmosphere. It offers longer service life along with longer working life of contented material too. It ensures 100% leakage proof operations for varied chemicals. It is used for chemicals like acids, alcohols, esters, mineral oils and alkalis.

Bottom Conical Storage Tank

Bottom conical storage tanks are used for storage and transport of the hostile materials. It is specially designed to handle corrosive chemicals and fluids. We provide bottom conical storage tanks to make easy transferring and holding operations.

bottom conical storage tank in india

Shape of the tank offers quite easy and simple operation and ensures safe and sound handling of the material. The high quality fittings also help to make easy handling of fluid. All ancillaries are made from high grade polypropylene. Bottom conical storage tanks contain high fatigue resistance. It also contains high tensile strength and high hardness. It is designed and developed according to German software. It effectively prevents spillage of the fluid. we are first in the world to introduce butt fusion techniques. The technique ensures for 100 % leakage proof operations.


Cylindrical Water Tanks

We are tagged as major manufacturer and exporter of the cylindrical water tanks. We are popular for the anticorrosive tanks used in different industrial segments. We offer best solution for the easy and safe handling of the corrosive fluids. The imported software and well equipped work place has made us able to fabricate optimum quality storage tanks as ultimate material handling solution.

cylindrical water tanks manufacturer

It is designed with advanced German software. It ensures 100 % pillage free operations. We offer cylindrical water tanks that are used in industrial as well as in domestic applications. It offers high hardness and high tensile strength. It can be withstand with corrosive atmosphere. It is available in varied sizes and configurations. It also offers high fatigue resistance.